Hockey Nutrition Guide

Although our beloved local Blackhawks are done this season *sob sob*, we still want to share with you an essential nutrition guide for amateur and professional hockey players alike. There’s no doubt that hockey is a tough sport; and tough player’s need optimal fuel. Some say, nutrition on game day for any athlete is the key to success.


Here at Sportdecals® and TeamWear1™ we’ve decided to collaborate with Pro Stock Hockey to bring you their ideal plan for hockey game day grub.


We hope you gain knowledge on what is needed to power the top hockey players in the game. Pro Stock Hockey’s guidelines give great tips on meal plans for pre-and-post game; and they give an explanation as to why those food options were chosen.


Click through below to learn more about optimizing your hockey performance!

Nutrition Training from Pro Stock Hockey, a place to buy hockey sticks online
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Leave a comment below on your essential game day meals & what has worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!