NEW! Supersized Fan Heads!

Item # 0022052-0022066


Supersized Fan Heads

Available in 4 different sizes!


  • Precision cut (CNC) coroplast (corrugated plastic) not cardboard!
  • Long-Lasting and outdoor resistant
  • Free Artwork
  • Call or Live Chat for shipping options

Image Suggestions: Recommended to use a flash when taking a picture. The photograph will be more sharp and blurring can be prevented. Take the picture as close as possible and make sure that the whole part of the head is being captured. For long hair it is suggested to pull it back in a hair tie or headband.

Size Item # Price
12" x 18"
(up to 1.5 sq. feet)
022052 $19.99
(up to 4 sq. feet)
022053 $29.99
(up to 9 sq. feet)
022054 $59.99
(up to 24 sq. feet)
022055 $99.99
Item # 0022052-0022066; Pack pricing available (packs must have the same design).