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8 Great Sport Themed Halloween Costumes

As the World Series winds down and basketball season starts to wind up, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to figure out what costume you’re going to wear to the Halloween party this year. If you’re a true sports fan, dressing up in a simple sports uniform simply won’t cut it. It’s been done a million times over—not to mention it won’t win any costume contests. If you’re looking for inspiration for a sports-themed Halloween costume, here are 8 ideas that will be sure to turn heads and might even win you the grand prize! #1. The Rock the rock costume If you’ve got the sculpted physique to pull of this costume, why not? It won’t cost you more than a pair of wrestling briefs, two fabric elbow guards, a $.99 Bic shaving razor for your dome, and a black sharpie marker to replicate the tattoos. As for the belt, we’ve seen them on eBay for as low as $50 and as high as $150. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? #2. Bruce Lee bruce lee costume While Bruce Lee appeared in many different costumes throughout his film career, the yellow one with a black stripe from his last movie, the Game of Death, is the most iconic. A pair of nun chucks and some slip-on slippers from Walmart will complete the look. Be sure to find some rubber nunchucks, as there may be laws in your town or city prohibiting the real deal. Besides, someone is inevitably going to ask you to show off your skills and the last thing you want is a trip to the emergency. #3. Kenny Powers kenny powers costume A Myrtle Beach Mer-men baseball jersey, mullet wig, and a short temper are all you’ll need to dress up as “The People’s Champion”. Be sure to visit your local tanning salon while wearing a pair of 1990’s Oakley sunglasses for that perfect racoon eyes look. This outfit works best for those in life who are naturally rude, crass, and have an ego to match. #4. Dennis Rodman dennis rodman costume There’s really no way you can mess this one up. Rodman has many iconic looks, from his blond wig and wedding dress to rainbow-colored hair, you’ve got a lot of inspiration to pull from. Dennis Rodman was never one shy away from controversy during his time in the NBA, so any one of his iconic looks throughout the years will make a great costume. #5. 1970s NHL Player hockey player costume The beauty of this costume is that you simply cannot get it wrong. The longer, more blown out, wilder hairdo you have, the better. Mullets are also a necessity to get this one just right. Blacken out a few front teeth with a sharpie marker and you’ll be the perfect replica of a 1970s NHL hockey player! Make the costume a little more specific and go as the Hanson brother’s from the movie “Slapshot”. All you’ll need is some black rimmed glasses, a long haired wig, and some blood dripping down your face. #6. Old Timey Baseball Player baseball player costume While anyone can buy an old timey baseball uniform, but it works best if you can add some heft around your midsection. It’s hard to believe that baseball players weren’t always in the best shape. Try to stuff some pillows under your shirt and pants. Also be sure to tuck the bottom of your pants into your socks for an added realism effect. A few baseball bat decals will complete the look. #7. Cleatus, FOX Sports Robot cleatus costume Love him or hate him, Cleatus is here to stay. You can go one of two routes for this costume, purchase a pre-made version online, or find some old cardboard boxes and get to work! Homemade costumes always get the best reception when it comes to costume contests, so if you feel like putting your skills to the test, this is a great option. #8. Old Timey Golfer golfer costume The best part about dressing up as an old timey golfer is that you can probably find all the parts you need to complete this costume at your local Goodwill or other thrift store. Plaid grandpa pants, socks, an atrocious vest, tie, funny cap, and 9-iron are all you’ll need for this one. So if you’re still looking for a Halloween costume idea for this year, or maybe you want to start planning ahead for next year, most of these ideas can be thrown together quickly and easily with little effort. Of course, the Cleatus costume will require a bit of work, but that’s half the fun! Do you have a cool sports related Halloween costume? Share it with us on Social Media @sportdecals.
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