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Great Exercise Related New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you! It’s time to get those New Year’s resolutions in order as we make our way into 2023.

While you can always start getting healthier regardless of what time of year it is, many people like to start off fresh on January 1st. Healthy eating and exercising are two of the most commonly made New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to look and feel a little better and the new year is a great time to start working towards that goal.

Here at Sport Decals, we love physical activity. We encourage everyone to get outside, or out to the gym, and take part in your favorite sport or exercise. Physical activity is a great way to keep your body healthy and in shape as we move through the years.

Let’s take a look at some great exercise related New Year’s resolutions that you can make this year. These activities will help you feel better and look better in the New Year. Combine these with some healthier eating habits and you might just be surprised at how much of a difference it can make it in your health, your energy levels, and how you feel about yourself.

New Year’s Resolutions – Exercise

1. Make Exercise a Habit, Exercise Regularly

When it comes to exercising the hardest thing for people to do is to keep up with it. Most people will start off the new year going to the gym or telling themselves they are going to work out more, but then they stop after the first couple weeks.

The key is to make a schedule and consistently force yourself to exercise or work out a couple times a week, every week. The more you do this the quicker it will become a habit that you won’t even think about. It’ll just become a part of your week and you’ll be able to stick with it for the long term.

2. Try New Exercise Classes and Techniques

One reason that people get tired of working out or exercising is that they find it boring. They don’t get out there and try different types of workouts or different classes to find what works for them and what they enjoy.

This year, make it your goal to try at least one new type of workout class a month to find something that you truly enjoy. Just because you don’t enjoy running, doesn’t mean that you may not enjoy yoga, cross fit, or barre classes.

There are so many different types of workout classes available to you these days that there really is no excuse.

Even if you don’t want to leave your house there are plenty of options for home workout sessions as well. Apple Fitness, Peloton, and even just watching workout classes on YouTube, are all great ways to get in some exercise while never leaving your home.

3. Set Realistic Goals

If you’re not setting goals for yourself then you’ve got nothing to work towards. Even if that goal is as simple as losing a few pounds, you need to be sure you set goals and those goals should be realistic.

We recommend setting a long-term goal to start, but also some short-term goals and milestones you want to achieve on your way to that overall long-term goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose 25 pounds this year, that would be your long-term goal, but then you should also set yourself a goal of losing 5 pounds. That will give you a milestone to aim for in your conquest of the main goal.

People tend to become discouraged if they don’t hit their long-term goal quickly, so setting smaller, intermittent, goals as you work towards your end goal, is a great way to be able to track your progress and amp yourself up as you continue through the year.

If you hit your long-term goal quicker than you thought, make another. Just keep raising the bar until you feel comfortable and happy with what you’ve achieved.

Exercise is a Great New Year’s Resolution

Start off the new year right with a plan to exercise more and eat healthier. Setting simple goals in addition to your long-term goals is a great way to stick with your plan as you move through the year.

Trying out different exercises and classes will help you avoid fatigue of doing the same workouts over and over again. Signing up for scheduled classes can also help hold you accountable for working out a couple times a week which will help you build up a habit.

By forming these habits and discovering new workout routines and classes that you enjoy, you’ll be able to focus on destroying your physical goals for the year and maybe even set some new ones if you achieve your initial ones.

Exercise and physical activity is a great way to keep your body healthy while also helping you to feel the best you possibly can.

We hope everyone has a great new year and hopefully you crush those goals this year!

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