Our Top 10 Favorite Hockey Helmet Decals and Designs

Our Top 10 Favorite Hockey Helmet Decals and Designs

When a hockey player hits the ice, they want to look their best. Sure, a great uniform is a good place to start, but no style is officially complete without a fantastic helmet to top everything off. When designing these next-level helmets, many teams and players use high-quality decals and stickers to stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at our top ten favorite hockey helmet decals to give you some inspiration—and don’t worry, we’re not giving all the glory to the goalies. If these ten helmet designs didn’t quite give you the desired inspiration for your own unforgettable look, worry not. The NHL playoffs are almost here to help spark some creativity.

10 Of Our Favorite Hockey Helmet Designs & Decals


1. King of the Jungle

Let’s kick it off with a classic. No one will question who rules the rink with a fierce mask like the one worn by Gilles Gratton way back in the 1970s. Gratton was a pioneer of pushing the limits of goalie helmet aesthetics, and there’s no doubt that this design would hold up just as well today as it did over 40 years ago. hockey-decal-2http://ilovegoalies.blogspot.com/2014/11/tuukka-rask-2014-15-mask.html

2. Clawing at the Competition

This is how Gilles Gratton’s terrifying tiger helmet looks now that it’s grown up. With glowing red eyes and teeth bared, not only does goalie Tuukka Rask’s helmet look straight-up scary—it also perfectly incorporates the Boston Bruins logo and namesake. What player wouldn’t think twice before skating towards this goalie’s net?

3. March of the (Pittsburgh) Penguins

It’s not all about the goalies. After all, there are plenty of other team members with a desire to look snazzy as well—like Brian Dumoulin representing his Pittsburgh Penguins. With the team’s signature yellow and black—complete with everyone’s favorite angry bird Iceburgh—there’s no doubt that anyone who wears this helmet represents the Penguins.
hockey-decal-4 https://www.totalprosports.com/2014/04/14/the-20-best-goalie-masks-of-the-2013-14-nhl-season/

4. Toque Cool

In a throwback to his days playing ice hockey on frozen ponds, Josh Harding of the Minnesota Wild ingeniously replicated the look of a knit stocking cap onto his helmet. By choosing a similar look, any player can appear warm and cozy while also enjoying peak protection from those fast flying pucks.
hockey-decal-5 http://hockeybydesign.com/2015/10/hbd-masks-7-most-iconic-nhl-masks/

5. I Love New York

If you’re feeling patriotic, look no further for inspiration than this helmet worn by New York Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. The red, white and blue mask boasts a sparkly Lady Liberty beaming over a metallic, stormy background. With script lettering and a silhouette of Manhattan, some might say this Big Apple-filled collage is a little over-the-top—but we think over-the-top works perfectly for a place like NYC.

6. Fast as Lightning

Not every decal or design needs flashy colors, crazy holograms or creepy characters to make a statement. In fact, sometimes its simplicity that stands out as exceptional. One example we love are the helmets—and entire uniform—worn by the Tampa Bay Lightning. By complementing the uniform’s two-tone look, the helmet seamlessly blends the look together from head to blade. Overall, the get up creates a classic style with just enough modern touches to prove that this is anything but a throwback.

7. Fear the Undead

In tribute to one of his favorite bands, Iron Maiden, former St. Louis Blues goalie Roman Turek rocked this insanely cool helmet. The helmet’s detailed design does more than just give other players the creeps. With a colorful starscape hovering over the St. Louis skyline as a 3D zombie reaches out, this piece is a true work of highly-protective art.
hockey-decal-8 https://zonecoverage.com/2017/wild/remington-the-top-100-nhl-goalie-masks-20-11/

8. The Jaws of Victory

Does it get any cooler than a hockey mask mimicking a shark devouring its prey—otherwise known as the goalie? We don’t think so. With a design that’d make Jaws proud, Brian Heyward of the San Jose Sharks strikes fear into opponent’s hearts with one look of those beady, black eyes.
hockey-decal-9 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adam_Pardy_-_Winnipeg_Jets.jpg

9. Sonic Boom Style

By trading in the more common team logo decal with a seriously slick logotype treatment, the helmet decals from the Winnipeg Jets stay true to the team’s modern look without simply replicating their iconic logo.
hockey-decal-10 https://zonecoverage.com/2017/wild/the-top-100-nhl-goalie-masks-100-91/

10. Time to Glow

Think it’s impossible to make this Tron-inspired helmet any cooler than it already is? Guess what? It also glows-in-the-dark! Worn by Ben Bishop on the appropriately named Tampa Bay Lightning, this futuristic look will certainly be remembered as a shockingly awesome helmet design—and make fans wish hockey was played more often with the lights off. Did you get inspired by these amazing hockey helmet designs? Ready to get your own look? Look no further than the experts at Sportdecals.com. With over 45 years of experience, we’ll create the hockey helmet of your dreams so you’ll be the coolest player or best-looking team on the ice.
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