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The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Wrap Decals

Since vehicles were first vinyl wrapped nearly thirty years ago, this method of making any car, truck or van stand out has taken the road by storm! Vehicle wraps are one of the most visually striking and cost-effective ways to advertise your team or business—or just show off your ride in style. Aside from appearance, this mobile marketing method can potentially reach thousands of people in a single day. Just think about how many people drive past your non-descript car every day. Now, imagine if that same car stood out from traffic and displayed whatever information you wanted to the world? Overall, vinyl wraps are a nearly foolproof way to attract more eyes. Still, there are a few things anyone considering a wrap should know before covering their car.

Why Should I Wrap My Car?

We could probably come up with hundreds of great reasons to wrap your car. But neither of us has all day, so here are a few of our favorites:

It’s Customizable

With traditional car paint, there's a limit to how you can customize your vehicle. Even with decals, spray paint and an artistic eye, it's impossible to replicate images like detailed graphics, gradients, and photography. In contrast, with vinyl car wraps, you can easily create these custom images—and then some. Want to show off a stunning, photograph of your product? Or splash a logo to the side of our truck? That's no problem for a vinyl wrap.

It’s Easy

All you need is a car and an idea. Then, call Sports Decals’ Rebel Wraps division, and we'll help you create a beautiful look for your vehicle wrap. Whether you've already envisioned the perfect design—or you need all the help you can get—our team will collaborate with you until we've perfected the wrap of your dreams.

It’s Fun

Do you fantasize about driving a big, rainbow-colored bus covered in cupcakes and unicorns? Maybe you've always imagined driving a car with your company's logo and tagline along the side. Unlike paint, vehicle vinyl wrap designs have few limitations. That means whatever quirky, imaginative, or creative idea have in mind—we can probably make it happen.

It’s Reversible

Sometimes in life, changes are necessary—and this can even include your beloved vehicle wrap. If that happens, worry not. Taking the wrap off is easy and won't damage the paint underneath. However, don't attempt to peel the vinyl off yourself. Instead, talk to whomever initially created the wrap and ask for assistance. This decreases any chance of damage.

It’s Great Advertising

What's more eye-catching on the road then a beautiful set of wheels? Nothing. That's why we love advertising with car wraps! It's a big, bold and easy-to-maintain way for you to get your brand's name out there. Unlike billboards, online or print ads, with vinyl wraps, you only pay once for the product, and you're good-to-go. No more monthly payments or potential rising costs. And what's even better? They're totally mobile! Say there's an event going on packed with potential clientele. Just drive there, park in a visible area, and you're suddenly advertising to the masses. Try doing that with other kinds of advertising?

How Do Vehicle Wraps Work?

Have we convinced you that wrapping your vehicle is the right way to show off your car? Then let's dig into the details about how the vehicle wrap process works.

Create Your Artwork

Once you've found the right vinyl car wrap company, you'll work alongside their team to come up with the look. First, they'll need to know the exact make and model of the vehicle they'll be wrapping. That way, the team can ensure both a snug fit and strategize the ideal way to layout your design. Next, they'll usually enter your vehicle's information into a computer program which allows them to view a 3D visual mock-up. Then, they'll either formulate your design from scratch or try out hundreds of looks from a template library. Lastly, you’ll choose which kind of vinyl you’d like to wrap your car with. Popular options include:
  • High-gloss
  • Matte
  • Fluorescent
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Chrome
  • Metallic
  • Carbon Fiber

Print the Vinyl Wrap

This isn't a job for an average office printer. Instead, a special, wide-format digital printer will produce the artwork on your chosen vinyl. Incredibly durable, water-resistant ink is also used so your new look can stand up to the elements. The finished design usually prints in several pieces and is then assembled during the final application.

Apply the Car Wrap

Once every segment of the vinyl wrap has been applied, it's time for the fun part—seeing your newly designed car come to life! However, this is where having an exceptionally experienced team comes in handy. In other words, don't do this part alone. One small mistake can quickly snowball into a total disaster. First, the application experts will carefully clean the car's entire exterior. Any dirt, grime, or grease could create adhesion problems. Next, they'll meticulously lay down the vinyl over the outside of the car. After the car's been covered, they'll use a tool to affix the vinyl to its exterior firmly. Now, that vinyl's not going anywhere—and your vehicle's ready to become the center of attention. Ready to create your own incredible, high-quality car wrap? Trust the expert team at Rebel Wraps. With over 40 years of experience, our family-owned company can’t wait to make your vinyl dreams come true.
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