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What are the Most Popular High School Spring Sports in the United States?

As we move into spring, high school sports are starting to fill up their rosters with outstanding talent and gifted student athletes. Landscaping has begun on the baseball, softball, and soccer fields, while the track and tennis courts are being dried off and cleaned.

High school spring sports are here! With tryouts and cuts wrapping up, it’s almost time for practices to start around the country. Getting ready for those first few games is crucial as high school sports don’t always have the ability to get the team together while the weather is cold and snowy.   

While not every high school offers every spring sport for students to participate in, there’s a good chance you can find an opportunity to play something you enjoy this spring. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular high school spring sports in the United States that are beginning their seasons soon!

High School Spring Sports

As we move out of winter, indoor sports slowly begin to make way for outdoor sports as the weather gets warmer. Basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and swimming reach the end of their seasons while baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, and more emerge as end of the year favorites.

For some high school seniors, this will be the last time they play their favorite sports competitively as they move on to college and careers, while a select few will continue doing what they love for some incredible colleges around the country.

What was your favorite spring sport growing up in high school? Did you continue that sport as you made your way through college and into the later stages of your early life?

While the most popular high school spring sports are going to vary depending on the state you live in and the climate, there are a number of spring sports available to those that want to participate.


Baseball and softball are easily one of the most popular team sports played during the spring session at high schools around the country. As one of the major sports played by professionals in the United States, and one of the sports that most kids start off playing when they are young, you’ll find lots of kids heading out to the field to try out for these teams.


In high school boys' soccer is typically played in the fall while girls' soccer is played in the spring. Girls' soccer is one of the most popular female high school sports and the games can be super exciting to watch. Overall, soccer isn’t as popular in the United States as it is around the world, but there has been a growing number of kids playing soccer recently which has lead to more interest in the sport.


Opposite of soccer, the girls high school tennis season typically happens during the fall months, while boys tennis occurs during the spring. While not as popular as some of the spring team sports, and not the most popular in all parts of the country, tennis is a great non-traditional team sport that will let you represent your school while also relying on your own talent and skill.

If you want to team up with a partner, there are also doubles teams that play during the spring as well.


This one may not be popular in all parts of the country, but in our area, it is extremely popular. High school lacrosse, both boys and girls, is played during the spring season. This is another great outdoor sport that will require an immense amount of stamina and hand eye coordination.

Track & Field

High school track & field for both boys and girls is an extremely popular high school spring sport. With a large amount of people able to represent their school in a variety of different single and team-oriented events, this one is something that quite a few students participate in each year.


Girl's high school volleyball wraps up in the winter, but spring is for the boys. Volleyball is another one of those team sports that’s not quite as popular as baseball or football but is gaining a lot of new players as the years go on. It’s extremely intense and requires an immense amount of skill.

Popular High School Spring Sports

When it comes to high school sports, football is typically the most popular from a player perspective and from a fan perspective, but the spring sports bring out a lot of competition as well. It’s the last season of high school sports before the long summer break and, as we mentioned above, it is often the last chance for a lot of students to play the sports they love before moving on to college and adult life.

High school sports are a great way to get involved with the school and a group of people that can help you become the best athlete possible. It’s a great way to represent your school and a great way to practice your team building skills which will absolutely help you later in life.

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