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Why trust Sportdecals with your next on-line store?

  1. Our artists will create up to 2 custom imprint designs (plus 1 for embroidery) based on your store theme for team camps, graduation, awards & recognition, school & team spirit, special causes and more.  Your artwork options are limitless!

  2. Select your apparel items from our most popular sellers including shirts, hoodies, pullovers and more.

  3. Determine the selling price of your items based on how much money you want to make.

  4. No hassle credit card payments so you don't have to manage payments & cash.

  5. Your store goes "live" in 3-5 days after artwork is approved.

  6. We provide an easy store link so you can freely promote to your group or organization as often as you want.

  7. On-demand access to your store guarantees real-time monitoring of sales & commission levels.

  8. We can individually fulfill orders or bulk ship to you within days following your store close date so you can start thinking about your next store opportunity.

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