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  1. Select your apparel items from our most popular sellers including t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, team packs, yard signs, car decals and more.

  2. Determine the selling prices and commissions to fit your goals.

  3. Our artists will create up to 2 custom imprint designs (plus 1 for embroidery) based on your store theme for team camps, graduation, awards & recognition, school & team spirit, special causes and more. Your artwork options are limitless!

  4. No hassle credit card payments so you don't have to manage payments & cash.

  5. Your store goes "live" in 3-5 days after artwork is approved.

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  7. On-demand access to your store guarantees real-time monitoring of sales & commission levels.

  8. We'll bulk ship your order within days, complete with a detailed order list for simplied distribution / pick-up.  To make it even easier for you, we offer low cost individual bag & tag as well as direct customer shipping services.

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