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Single Color Packaged Stripes

Single Color Packaged Stripes

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  • Add color to your helmet with single, solid-color stripes
  • 20-mil vinyl to take the big hits
  • Stripes conform to helmet with ease
  • 22" long, 25 stripes per package of any one color


Tough 20-mil vinyl with strong 3M adhesive.


22" long and either ½", ¾", or 1" wide. 25 stripes per package of any one color.

Care Instructions

* Clean helmets but please do not wax.
* Take a moment to determine the location(s) of your custom decals. Take notice of any snaps, side mask/mounts and ear holes that your decal needs to fit around. Orientating decals to these “landmark” areas will help with proper positioning.
* Pull the decal from the backing paper and stick it down on the helmet, middle part first.
* Need to reposition? Simply peel it up and reset it.
* Now using your thumbs, press from the center of the decal to the outer

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