Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit

Starting at $10.50 per kit

Our 4-piece Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit represents your team both on and off the field!

  • 2 Custom Side Decals
  • 1 Custom Sweatband Cover
  • U.S. flag & state flag decals
  • Unlimited Colors! Unlimited Possibilities!
Spectacular value includes 5 decals! Includes unlimited colors and extreme HDHD™ effects! Each decal kit comes on its own sheet - perfect for helmet decoration night. Ultra-tough vinyl lasts all season and will never crack or fade. Extremely pliable material guarantees easy application on any helmet style. New CNC cutting process means a perfect cut-to-fit decal every time. Full color printing for unlimited decoration possibilities. Easily removable (only when you are ready to change over) for playoffs or end of season. Ships in 10 days or less!


Ultra-tough 20 mil vinyl with 3M adhesive for a season-long hold.

Decal Care & Storage

Store decals in an climate controlled place. Turn decals face down and place a heavy, flat object to prevent curling. Decals can be cleaned with a rag and mild soapy water.

Application Tips

* Clean helmets but please do not wax. * Take a moment to determine the location(s) of your custom decals. Take notice of any snaps, side mask/mounts and ear holes that your decal needs to fit around. Orientating decals to these “landmark” areas will help with proper positioning. * Pull the decal from the backing paper and stick it down on the helmet, middle part first. * Need to reposition? Simply peel it up and reset it. * Now using your thumbs, press from the center of the decal to the outer edges. * Any wrinkles left? Pull up the edge and use your thumb to reset. * Any repositioning needs to be done at this time as the adhesive sets up quickly.
Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit
Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit
Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit
Traditional HDHD™ Decal Kit
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